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10" Malish Palmyra Deck Scrub

Hardwood block has tapered and threaded handle holes. Brown crimped natural palmyra fibers. Handles sold separately.

10" Malish Plastic Deck Scrub

Hardwood block has tapered and threaded handle holes. Yellow crimped poly fibers resist heat and chemicals. Handles sold separately.
$5.80 $4.99

10" Malish Vehicle Wash Brush w/Bumper

For use on vehicles, boats, aircraft, and scrubbing of painted surfaces. Filled with soft white plastic flagged material.
$17.76 $14.59

13" Malish Flagged Silver Tip Counter Duster

Flagged plastic bristles & Tuff-BlockĀ® construction make this a durable, long lasting choice for extended use in wet or dry environments. Excellent for use on fine dust particles.
$4.14 $3.79

13" Malish Horsehair/Nylon Blend Counter Duster

Black horsehair blended with thin gauge nylon for light dust applications. Tufts securely staple set in a lacquered hardwood block.
$7.79 $8.53

13" Malish Tampico Counter Duster

Staple set construction with plastic beaver tail style handle. 5" handle, 8" brush head with 2-1/2" trim.
$4.69 $3.79

Automobile Upholstery and Plastic Floor Mat Brush

Soft horsehair fiber is staple set in a polypropylene block with an upturned handle.
$11.96 $5.70

Braun Velvet Groomer Deluxe

After velvet has been cleaned it should be brushed lightly in the same direction to restore it to its original luster. A fine wire brush should be used with non corrosive metal bristles. By holding the brush on an angle the brush will glide easily over the velvet.
$22.50 $18.99

Dust Pan and Brush Combo

A handy, lightweight dust pan that comes with its own brush. Brush handle snaps into dustpan handle for storage. Great for quick clean-ups after sweeping or for just about any job where small dust and dirt appear!
$3.68 $2.64