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    BBC® Brush Bonnet Combination

    From $24.19
    Available in 5 sizes, from 13" to 21"

    Bonnet for Malish Bonnet-Lok System

    From $15.89
    Combines nylon brushes, which flex the carpet pile to lift deep-seated dirt, along with a thick absorbent bonnet to remove loosened dirt from the surface. The "four-leaf clover" design assures that both brushes and bonnet extend to the edge of the block.

    Elky Pro Carpet Bonnet

    From $17.24
    Synthetic/rayon blend. Standard 5 rows of yarn. Heavy-duty polyester backing.

    Elky Pro Wall Washing or Carpet Pad

    $4.29 $7.04
    All cotton with cut fringe yarn. Pre-laundered. Exclusive fabric backing. Sold without holder.

    Lambskin Specialties Polishing Pads - 5.5"

    $4.09 $4.95
    Ideal for finishing and touch-ups on wood and hard floors, including marble, terrazzo and rubber tiles.

    Malish BONNET-LOK Carpet Bonnet Drivers

    From $81.65
    The BONNET-LOKā„¢ System is a brush/bonnet combination in a single unit. The exclusive design allows both the brush and the bonnet to extend to the wall for maximum coverage and effectiveness.

    Microfiber Carpet Bonnet

    $36.69 $61.78
    19" diameter.

    Rubbermaid Standard Thickness Bonnet

    From $31.40
    Standard thickness, original blend (P1 Series) bonnets work well with either shampoo or solvent based chemicals.

    Rubbermaid P257 Low-Profile Bonnet

    From $26.56
    Use with a standard rotary floor machine for intensive carpet maintenance.