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    Certified Bonnet Cleaner Ultra Bonnet

    $13.02 $13.67
    A concentrated cleaner for economical carpet maintenance. Heavily soiled commercial traffic areas can be maintained on a regular, even daily basis.

    Certified Encapsulating Shampoo-Spin Cleaner

    $17.05 $21.48
    A fast acting, quick drying shampoo, spin cleaner which incorporates Certified's encapsulating technology to bind the soil, which is then removed through daily vacuuming. Leaves no harmful residue.

    Certified Wool-Cotton Shampoo (Liqua-Acid)

    $16.76 $17.02
    Specifically formulated for shampooing and/or bonnet cleaning white or pastel colored carpet. Wool-Cotton minimizes the risk of browning or yellowing on light colored carpet often caused by highly alkaline extraction cleaners. Extremely effective for cleaning Haitian cotton upholstery fabric.

    Elky Pro Bannish Bonnet Method Cleaner

    From $11.90
    Bannish is a concentrated blend of fast acting solvents and detergents designed to penetrate and emulsify oily soils and hold them in solution for removal with an absorbent, spin bonnet.

    Fabpro Concentrated Soil Retardant Rotary Cleaner - 1 Gallon

    $30.51 $32.61
    For bonnet cleaning and carpet protection in one operation.

    Fabpro Concentrated Soil Retardant Rotary Cleaner W/FPR - 1 Gallon

    $29.42 $36.53
    A water based cleaning system with soil retardant additives for interim carpet maintenance using the bonnet or pad system with rotary machines. Virtually eliminates soil buildup.

    Kleenrite SpinKleen - 1 Gallon

    $23.86 $24.53
    A fast drying bonnet cleaner formulated with citrus solvent. This product is for use with low-speed rotary floor machines to clean and deodorize without leaving a soil-attracting residue.

    Diversey Bonnet Buff, Unscented - 1 Gallon

    Formulated for spin bonnet cleaning, does not cause resoiling and combines powerful solvents for effective cleaning. Clear in color with a fruity floral scent.