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Miele Super Clean Filters (3 pack) - Aftermarket

Designed to fit Miele S227,S858, S4000, S5000 vacuums. Package contains 3 filters.
$4.07 $3.65

Miele Vacuum Bags - Style FJM Anti-Allergen (5 pack + 2 filters)

These bags are made from a synthetic cloth type material, with a plastic mounting collar and are the after market bags nearest to the factory Miele bags without the high cost. Package includes 5 bags and 2 filters.
$7.94 $6.84

Miele Vacuum Bags - Style G/N Allergen (5 pack + 2 filters)

Replacement paper bags designed to fit Miele style G/N canister with plastic collar. Fits S-4000i,S456i, S5000-S5999, S600-S658 and S800-S858 Miele machines. Sold with 5 bags per package plus 2 filters.
$8.16 $6.84

Miele Vacuum Bags - Style K Micro Filtration (5 Pack + 2 Filters)

Designed to fit Miele Uprights using Style K bags. Package contains 5 bags and 2 filters.
$6.03 $5.15

Miele Vacuum Bags - Styles G & N (5 Bags + 2 Filters) - Made-to-Fit

Designed to fit Miele canister vacuum that use styles G and N bags.
$16.41 $6.00

Miele Vacuum Bags by Filtrete 3M- Type FJM (5 Bags + 2 Filters) - Synthetic - 68704A-6

The Filtrete 3M 68704A replacement vacuum cleaner kit includes 5 vacuum bags and 2 replacement Miele FJM filters. These vacuum bags feature a synthetic filter media that captures up to 3 times more household dust, pollen, grass, dust mite debris, bacteria, and other allergens than standard paper vacuum bags. The flexible and tear-resistant material expands as you vacuum and provide greater suction even when full over standard paper where loss of suction is a possibility when they are only half full.
$12.00 $5.18

Miele Vacuum Bags by Filtrete 3M Meile - Type G/N (5 Bags + 2 Filters) - Synthetic - 68705-6

Fits Miele vacuum models S400i-S456i, S5000 - S5999, S600-S658 and S800-S858.
$11.67 $5.54

Filtrete™ 3M Miele - Style K/K (5 Bags + 2 Filters) - Synthetic - 68706-6

Fits Miele S140-S157, S163, S168 Series Uprights

Filtrete 3M Miele - Style U (5 Bags + 2 Filters) - Synthetic - 68765

Made to fit Miele S7 series upright vacuum cleaners.

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