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24" Aqua 3M Burnishing Pads 3100

For use on softer finishes. Produces a brilliant gloss. Exceptional durability and life. The problem solver for soft finishes.
From $55.29

24" Aqua Niagara Burnishing Pads

Ideal for high frequency burnishing programs (daily); Specifically designed for soft finishes; Produces less powdering and higher gloss levels.
$45.95 $26.78

24" Pink 3M Ultra High-Speed Eraser Floor Burnishing Pads 3600

Removes black marks in fewer passes and retains excellent gloss and image clarity. Excellent durability and minimal finish removal. Sold as a package of 5 pads.
$89.66 $63.39

24" Red Elky Pro Spray Buffing Pads

A conventional, multi-purpose pad for wet and dry buffing and daily cleaning.
$82.48 $47.03

24" White Elky Pro Super Polishing Pads

A non-aggressive pad for polishing a clean, dry floor.
$45.48 $41.87

24" Natural Hair Elky Pro Burnishing Pad

This pad is a blend of natural hair and synthetic fibers with the lubrication effect of a hair pad and rubberized binder.
$48.43 $28.77